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Boiler Repair in SE21
24 hours for emergencies

Boiler repair in SE21 is carried out by a fully qualified engineer and we highly recommend servicing your boiler annually as per manufacturer’s warranty requirements. This service is only available to boilers working in a “problem-free” condition.

Thames Plumbers Ltd. is a registered installer / CORGI giving you invaluable advice on the type of boiler you need for your property.

Most importantly of all is our guarantee of best service.

This woman does not work the boiler. Women worried because he has broken the boiler.

Dulwich Boiler Repair
24 hours for emergencies

If you have any problems with your Combi boiler or heat only system in the area of Dulwich, any issues from noise and low performance up to changing the whole system and power flushing the radiators, Our team is the best to perform this task for the lowest rates in the market. For boiler repairs we handle most of the brands in the market of Dulwich, If your boiler is quite old and the venting is loose or not properly conected, this can release carbon monoxide which can be dangerous, we can check all venting system from your boiler in order to make it safe.

Dulwich Village Boiler Repair
24 hours for emergencies

The enginners will take a look in your combi boiler, hot water cylinder or heat only boiler and let you know what is the problem and how it would be fix for the best price. Repairing your boiler in Dulwich Village can be as quick as you set up an appointment with us. Stop worring about any Leaks in the pipes and make sure your boiler is instaled propely and is certificated by a Gas Safe Engineer.

Electrician engineer reparing a electric cylinder boiler Regulating a boiler.

West Dulwich Boiler Repair
24 hours for emergencies

It doesn't matter what kind of boiler you might have, we can repair all type of them, could it be a combi, electric, heat only, hot water, our specialist will take it care for you in all West Dulwich areas. Also if you have any doubts about what Boiler sytem will be more usefull or suits you better, our experts can advice you and provide you with a free estimation of the price. Don't forget to performe your boiler service as it is recommended for your boiler maker, to keep your guarantee of it. Thames plumbers realize boiler service same as boiler repairs with the most experience Gas Safe Engineers available in West Dulwich, and with this you will also prevent any future leaks, blockage, corrosion and hard water on it.

Boiler engineer reparing a gas bombi boiler with a cresent Flu boiler installation.
Electrician engineer reparing an electric boiler Gas safe engineer reparing a gas combi boiler.
The expert boiler repair wants to give you the most effective solution to your problem in the boiler.